Directory of Contacts

  UN Geneva
   UN Human Rights Council
   UNO [United Nations Organization]
   President of India
   Prime Minister Of India
   India Cabinate Ministers
   Indian Government Websites
   Constitution of India
   Press Trust of India
   States & Union Territories
   Districts of India
   Supreme Court
   Indian Penal Code
   International Court of Justice
   Law Commission of India
   National Human Rights Commission
   Planning Commission of India
   National Knowledge Commission
   Investment Commission of India
   Central Vigilance Commission
   The European Commission's      Delegation to India
   University Grants Commission India
   Election Commission of India
   National Commission for Women india
   Central Water Commission India
   National Commission on Population
   Ministery of labour india
   National Commission on Schedule      Castes, India
   National Commission on Minorities
   Ministry of Tribal India
   Child Rights
   Family Law india
   International Law
   International Human Rights Law
   International Law Commission
   Public International Law
   International Criminal Court
   United Nations Humanitarian Affairs