With the consent of the National President of Antarrastriya Manvadhikar Sangh { International Human Rights Federation }, Honorable Navin Shroff, Gaurav Singh Chauhan has been appointed the organization secretary of Uttar Pradesh.

Mr. Navin Shroff has directed the state organization secretary to form an executive committee soon.

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The Organization’s National Office has issued a notification and identity card to this effect.

Gaurav Singh Chouhan has been encouraged to form the executive body of the state and to accelerate the work of Antarrastriya Manvadhikar Sangh { International Human Rights Federation } in the state and work to protect human rights.

Honorable President Navin Shroff said him to work for the protection, promotion, benefit of the organization for the underprivileged.

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Connect as many people as possible to the International Human Rights Federation for the growth of the Organization.

Explain about human rights law and their fundamental rights.

Run membership campaign through the organization, make fee membership and free volunteers and give them free identity cards, so that the organization is strong at the grassroots level and there is a reduction in the cases of human rights abuses, atrocities on women, violation of their rights.

Mr. Shroff said that add advocates to the legal panel and provide legal information free of cost through the association, so that the victim, the underprivileged, get benefited and the cases of human rights violations come down.

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