ANTARRASTRIYA MANVADHIKAR SANGH ( AMS ) is a Social helping hand and an Organization for the ignored, disregarded, over- looked, victimized oppressed, depressed, tortured people of the Society and it cultivates awareness in them with regards to their RIGHTS.

AMS is a high informative secured Human Rights Agency that time to time collects problems, complaints and grievances of the sufferers and anti-social, anti-Governmental activities and places them in front of prevailing Government, Administration, Police and Court, Simultaneously, AMS works generously without any selfishness for the welfare of the Society with a broad mind and a Big Heart that made AMS a generous and ameliorated Organization.

AMS is an intrepid, fearless, impartial, neutral and independent Organization that pens against Crime, Corruption in Society, against anti Nationalism, in human activities and with the strength of the Court and Media Brings improvement and creates awareness in the minds of the Governed and the Governing Body.

AMS is creating a favorable atmosphere of Art, Culture, Literature, Amiability and Assistance.

AMS has been amalgamating integrating and unifying the Intellectuals, Youths, Students, Ladies, Businessmen, Authors, Laureates, Poets, Writers, Social Workers into a single unit for the protection of Human Rights and a favorable environment.

AMS is endeavoring to open Residential Secular School, College, Hospital and Old-Age-Home in all parts of the Country and exerting for literacy campaign.

AMS shall fight against communalism and terrorism and determined for establishing the atmosphere of peace.
AMS is a revolutionary Organization to enlighten and strengthen the name and fame of Human Rights in the Country.

AMS is a Powerful Detective Network that renders vital secrets information to Investigating Bureaus and to Security Wings.

AMS has been organizing different Meetings, Seminars, Conventions, Assemblies, Conferences, Cultural Programmes, Youth Camps, and Judiciary Camps since years for the protection of Human Rights and for Hospitable Environment.

AMS is with all these social N.G.O.’s that are working for Human Rights.

AMS is prepared to provide all possible assistance for rehabilitation of Socially, Economically, and psychologically depressed and victimized People.


First of all, AMS tries to unearth and unveil the truth of any problems, complaints, grievances, illegal and criminal activities, then and thereafter, firstly, AMS generously conveys it to the Nation, or for the benefit of the people, it thinks it’s duty to bring it to the knowledge of the Ruling Authority or to the Administration, Police, or to the Concerning Agencies, Court etc.

The reason-why is to ensure the agencies, those who are protectors and preservers of Law their responsibility and answerableness to their Constitution and People. Firstly, AMS, of its own knows the strength and reality of the case having enquired into the facts individually and then and there after without any selfishness and ill- motive, places in the hands of the Law for further investigation and justice.

If the Administration/Government or the Police Department overlooks the complaints, notices lodged by AMS or shows a deaf ear to it, then AMS conveys the same to the Court, or through Media to the People so that the Governed might make a good guess about the Governing and they make a right choice with regards to their elected ones near at hand.

Through the Medium of its Organization/Magazine, AMS raises it voice against all sorts of evils and injustice boldly, simultaneously AMS creates consciousness, awareness in the minds of the people and educates them to train their minds to be united. Through the medium of its written communication, it alerts the Government, defaces, and unveils the criminals and corrupt people and as such it works as a Security Guard to the people.

AMS in liaison with NGO’s & G.O’s seeks mutual help for a better coordination to form a welfare society.

For any legal advice to any social problems, GRATIS (COST-FREE) advice is rendered by AMS.amsgov


Honorary membership can be achieved by any of the social workers, any disciplined & loyal Indian Citizen (Male/Female- Academic Qualification, not compulsory) for any category of AMS as per applicant’s own interest; while filling up the membership form, one should enclose the following documents:

  • Two Photographs (stamp size)
  • Xerox copy of educational qualification (If any)
  • Permanent Residential Proof.
  • Scheduled membership subscription (Compulsory)
  • Category for Indian (Rs.) For Others ($)
  1. Spl. Gen- Rs. 500/- US$500, Renewal Rs.350/- Every March Get AMS Card + Certificate+Others
  2. Active- Rs. 1500/-, US$ 750, Renewal Rs. 500/- Every March Get AMS Card + Certificate+Unit+Others
  3. Spl. Act. – Rs. 2000/-, US$1000, Renewal Rs. 1000/- Every March Get AMS Card + Certificate + Magazine +Unit + Others.
  4. Active Membership – Rs. 5000/- US$ 1200, Renewal Rs. 3000 for Five years, Get AMS Card + Certificate + Unit + Others
  5. Instutional Membership – Rs. 10000/- US$1500, Renewal Rs. 5000/- for Year, Get AMS Card + Certificate + Magazine +Unit + Others
  6. Use the Donate Now Button for online Payment Or Demand Draft should be in favour of Antarrastriya Manvadhikar Sangh payable at Deoghar,Only.

​×Special note:  Any Chief Justice, Justice, Journalist, Writer, Editor, Correspondent etc. too can be the members of the respected team.

It’s the moral duty of the Head of the Unit to inform his appointment on his letter pad duly affixing his stamp, and enclosing visiting card along with his list of working team to the following concerning authorities of his area. Information to All Government Semi-Government, Police Department, Social Educational Institutions, Public Officers, Local News Paper, Journalist, Guild of Media, Cable – Net work be given and contact be always kept with them since only with their help, he can achieve his goal.

National Committee.                      {राष्ट्रीय समिति}

Respected Team :-                            सम्मानित टीम:-

  • Chief Patron                                  {मुख्य संरक्षक}
  • Patrons                                           {संरक्षक}
  • Board of Law                                 {कानून बोर्ड}
  • Advisory Board                             {सलाहकार बोर्ड}
  • Editorial Board                             {संपादक मंडल}
  • Working Team                              {कामकाज टीम}
  • Chairman                                       {अध्यक्ष}
  • Vice-Presidents                             {उपाध्यक्ष}
  • Chief Secretary                              {मुख्य सचिव}
  • Secretary General                         {महासचिव}
  • Secretaries                                      {सचिव}
  • Organization secretaries              {संघठन सचिव}
  • Joint Secretaries                            {संयुक्त सचिव}
  • Org.Secretaries                                   {आयोजन सचिव}
  • Welfare Secretaries                              {कल्याण सचिव}
  • Treasurer                                              {कोषाध्यक्ष}
  • Press Secretary                                 {प्रेस सचिव}
  • Spokesman                                         {प्रवक्ता}
  • Publicity Officer                               {प्रचार अधिकारी}

​Respected Team :-

  • Patrons
  • Advisory Board
  • Board of Law
  • Working Team
  • Chairman
  • Working Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Chief Secretary
  • Secretary General
  • Secretaries
  • Joint Secretaries
  • Organizing Secretary
  • Organization secretaries
  • Office Secretaries
  • Press Secretaries
  • Spokesman
  • Reporting Officers
  • Publicity Officers

District Unit

Respected Team :-

  • Patrons
  • Advisory Board
  • Law Board
  • Working Team
  • Dist. Chairman
  • Working Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Nagar Chairman
  • Nagar Team
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretaries
  • Org.Secretaries
  • Office Secretaries
  • Press Secretaries
  • Spokesman
  • Reporting Officer
  • Publicity Officer​

Block/Taluka unit

Respected Team:-

  • Patrons
  • Advisory Board
  • 3. Law Board
  • Working Team
  • Block Chief
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretaries
  • Org. Secretaries
  • Office Secretaries
  • Press Secretaries
  • Reporting Officers
  • Publicity Officers


Any one accepting the terms and conditions and rules & regulations of AMS can form an unit of AMS in his area (village, Ward, Town etc.) if therein is no unit there. For this, a minimum number of 11 (Eleven) Active members would be arranged and unanimously a new unit would be formed.

Training Programme
From time to time absolute training will be imparted to the regional officials of AMS in all regions, districts, divisions, areas by the Central Training Institute of AMS.

Need of the Hour.
It’s People’s solution for people’s problems.
Welcome to AMS
Dear National-Lovers, linking you all with the Super-Power like the Media, Court etc of India, We would wish you to avail an opportunity to do something special, something innovative, for the reinforcement of this Nation, YOU MUST COME.

Thus, “COME ON!” Join AMS, COME FORWARD, and eradicate the Crime and Corruption and transform the great nation into a world famous nation.

Note: After joining a Revolutionary Organization like AMS, you never ever have to take the aegis (support) of any other identification, Portfolio or a Post because AMS is an Anti-Corruptive Revolutionary Human Rights Organization.

AMS endeavors for solving various topics and tries to maximize its efforts in various activities. AMS organized multi-seminars, conferences, work-shops. AMS undertook many Petty Projects and tried to make the needy &helpless self-dependant.


Works of the Future (Prospective) Planning

AMS wishes to provide justice to the oppressed and afflicted (like: Child-Labor, Violence against women, Sexual violence, Corruption, Oppression, Depression, Victimization etc.) from the court of justice.

To construct Old-Age-Home at an estimated cost of Rs 7.75 Crores approx.
To establish Residential Schools and Vocational Colleges at an estimated cost of Rs 16.5 crores approx.
To establish hospital and Research Centre at an Estimated Cost of Rs. 18 crores approx.
To propagate and spread AMS through-out the Country and form units thoroughly.
To enforce all Human Rights that comes under the purview of our rights.
With the help of court of Justice to access and achieve Human Rights and to establish centers in all the States of the Country for the Wisdoms of Law.
Characteristics(features)of AMS

AMS has an equal Eye for all Political wings, Castes, Religion, Creed. Herein, we talk only about Pure, Humanism, Nationalism, Socialism and Indian Nationalism but AMS sticks up to strict Discipline. It’s only because of lack of discipline there is disarray and disorder within the country. In true sense, only a well disciplined Country can prosper. It reveals thus, none of the members of AMS are Superior to AMS. Hence, while being the members of AMS, Be disciplined and make others disciplined. AMS has no any other identification other than the Country itself. The Nation is our HOME, FAMILY, HERITAGE, and PROPERTY, AMS is yours, PROTECT IT.

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मानवाधिकार संघ  शिष्टमंडल ” से क्यो जुड़ें ? ———
1. लोगो की मदद के लिये।
2. स्वंय अपने अधिकारो के प्रति जागरूक होने औरों को जागरूक करने के लिये
3. मनुष्य स्मिता को बढ़ाने, विश्व निर्माण में योगदान देने के लिये।
4. अन्याय, अव्यवस्था, शोषण, अराजकता, भ्रष्टाचार, सम्प्रदायिकता, जातिवाद के विरूद्ध आवाज़ उठाने के लिये।
5. अधिक से अधिक लोगो से परिचय और सम्बन्ध बनाने के लिये।
6. सम्मानजनक स्थिति और आत्मविश्वास बढ़ाने के लिये
7. कानून व्यवस्था को मज़बूत बनाने में प्रशासन को सहयोग करने के लिये।
8. समाज मे अधिक से अधिक दया भाव को बढ़ाने और समाज को बेहतर बनाने के लिये।
हमारा उद्देश :-
1. देश के नागरिकों को एकजुट करना।
2. देश के नागरिकों को उनके अधिकारों  के प्रति जागरूक करना एवं उनके मान-सम्मान की सुरक्षा करना।
3. देश के नागरिको को शैक्षिक, सामाजिक रूप से शक्तिशाली बनाना।
4. नागरिकों के  समस्त संवैधानिक अधिकारों के प्रति नागरिकों को जागरूक करना।
5. शासन, प्रशासन एवं पुलिस के साथ सामांजस्य स्थापित कर अपराधों कोरोकने में उनका सहयोग करना एवं पीडि़तों को न्याय दिलाना।
6. समस्त जनसाधारण का सामाजिक नैतिक, चारित्रिक व बौद्धिक, अध्यात्मिक विकास करना एवं लोगों में देष प्रेम एवं वैचारिक सामन्जस्य का विकास करना।
7. भारतीय संविधान में प्रदत्त सामाजिक न्याय, और आर्थिक उत्थान के लिये प्रयास करना।
8. भ्रष्टाचार, आतंकवाद, महिला हिंसा ,बल श्रम ,शोषण , अव्यवस्था आदि वर्तमान ज्वलन्त समस्याओं के निवारण हेतु सरकारी अर्धसरकारी संस्थाओंके सहयोग से उन्हें दूर करने का प्रयास करना।
9. मानवाधिकारों की जानकारी के प्रचार-प्रसार हेतु पत्र-पत्रिका का प्रकाशन करना एवं समय-समय पर सेमिनार एवं विचार गोष्ठियों का आयोजन करना।
10. शासन/प्रशासन के साथ सहयोग स्थापित कर अपराध व शोषण रोकने का प्रयास करना।
11. भारत सरकार द्वारा पारित मानवाधिकार संरक्षण अधिनियम १९९३ का जन-जन में प्रचार प्रसार करना जिससे आम आदमी उसका लाभ प्राप्त कर सके। 1
12. ” अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मानवाधिकार न्याय शिष्टमंडल ” की राष्ट्रीय, प्रदेश, जि़ला, तहसील, ब्लाक स्तर पर समिति गठित करके संचालन करना।



We are a movement of ordinary people working together to achieve extraordinary change. Get active with us in the following ways to help us continue to defend human rights around the world.

Six ways to Make a Difference

Whether you have 5 minutes or more time to spare we’ve got a way for you to make a mark in this world.
Our strength lies in collective action. With over lacs of  members and supporters, we help individuals around the world whose human rights are being violated.

Here are 6 ways you can make a difference:
1. Take action right now —–
Sign a petition on one of the many human rights issues facing our communities around the world.
2. Attend an event —–
Events are a great way to get to educate yourself and others about human rights and meet other like minded people in your community who want to take action together.
3. Become a member —–
We are a movement of people. Each time a new person joins, AMS light shines brighter on the injustices occurring at different places around the world. Join today.- 09199954798
4. Donate —–
Your gift helps keep our movement free from corporate influence and independent from government agendas. Donate now!
5. Follow a Campaign —–
Are you passionate about a certain issue? Join a network of activists around the country who are using campaigns to teach communities about torture, abolition of the death penalty, ending poverty and more.



OR MAY CALL 09199954798

OR WRITE TO US : amsheadquarter@gmail.com